Past Shadow

Broken to submit no more

Wake me from my dreams

Unleash these dark realms

Let reality find me

Therefore I won’t break in pieces

Let me go so I can dream

Dream in peace in serenity

So I dwell not what you brought upon me

Leave me, go, forever

So I may have my innocence back once more 

You can’t break me forever 

I will never reopen that door

Peace within I will find again

For you, you deserve nothing

Yet I, I have everything

Between The Lines

The whole world spins before you 

Yet you feel alone

Screaming within hoping some will hear you

All you can do is stand still

The fight comes from within

Leaving conflicted views and critiques

When you reach the line between yourself and the world

That is when you are between the lines

Somewhere between a trapped you and the worlds reality

My Little Love

You are my world 

My little love

Bringing me happiness and patience

Watching you grow inspires me

Little ways your moods show

Running through the yard

Innocence may you always have

You tell me “I love you mama”

I hope you know that I love you just the same infinitely 

You may be little but your heart is big

Peace, love, and happiness is 

All I wish for you my little love

A miracle in itself is what you are

Just remember never give up

You already show that determination my little love

Soon you won’t be so little anymore

Don’t change your spirit

Just change with life’s open doors

Treat people with respect and love

Don’t let anyone mistreat you

For you will always be my little love

No matter the circumstance

I will always be with you

My little love….


I take the pearls from my neck

Embedded to the skin

Pearls I throw aimlessly

Each containing sin

Those harsh words are spoken 

Hypocrisies of fools I say

Yet the pearls conflict me 

Spears devour them

One by one scattered about

Until my bare chest I see

Blindness unfolds there is the truth

Life is a pearl until the end of me


Time manifests itself

Trickling through every vein

Standing still waiting

Raindrops so fervent in the darkness

Time elapses itself

Each breath a memory

Eyes closed with every drop

Time manifests itself

There’s no turning back

A Woman Like You

You wake each day and never give up

Such harsh times evolve and you always look up

Internally your torn longing for love and companionship

I see your soul enduring much

The pain you feel you try and hide

So many things you consume and yet you strive

Passion within you tends to be flying 

When hurt with bricks your internally dying

Hearts deserve love in every aspect without a doubt

Yours needs so much healing you want to shout

You would change everything but one if you could go back

It is not strength that you lack

A woman like you is hard to come by

With that said whoever should be glad to cross your sky

Determination is not for all but it’s what you have

You should stay true to your heart you don’t deserve to be sad

Reminisce of the good times but don’t bury the rest

Anger can consume the very best

Just know that you are stronger than anything falling towards you

Many are not that strong not even a few

Compliment yourself when no other notices

Within you are the importance’s 

Importance’s of living, love, giving, and your well being

Go back to the beginning remember never give up


A star can twinkle far away

You shine even brighter every day

Speaking ever so clear 

Truth be told that you I hear

Gestures of kindness without blindness 

Flashing curtains so clear their finest

Wings above you shelter whole

For you a star forever behold 

The brightest one of them all 

The finest one a star you are

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