There are so many women worldwide that are abused every day. Children and women are statistically proven to this day that they are still at the most victims of abuse. There are men out there that are victims of abuse too but I am stating fact and stating what I am speaking out against and that is the abuse of Women and Children. So many women do not have a place to go and if you or someone you know is in the position of not knowing what to do be that person to at least listen and help in any way possible even if you cannot do much. Just listening to someone in that situation sometimes helps in more ways than one can understand. There are so many resources especially online now that can help educate and help a person or family get the help they need. The problem is that so many women are trapped and feel trapped and do not know where to turn. Some women do not even tell anyone what they are going through. I want to say to all the women out there if you are reading this and you are in a situation there are others out there and there are people that care and you can and will get out. Just do not give up. Women truly need to realize that they are strong. Stronger and better than any form of abuse burdening them. I would like to state that if you are a woman and have children and you are in a domestic violence situation look at your children and look deep into their eyes and let that be the motivation to want to get out. So many say you cannot get out. It is true some women are stuck but do not let it be that way. Use the resources that are given if you are able to access them and try to get help. Wherever you are someone is there to help lend a hand to pull and push you to the right direction. It is called determination, strength, will, power, and confidence something that all women need to have and should have! Be strong stand up and spread your wings and fly! Many of you reading this may think that it is easy to say and that I am not in your shoes. Those of you are right. I am not in anyone’s shoes and all I am trying to do is Speak Out Against Domestic Violence and be another person to try and make a difference and for each person that reads this I am spreading awareness. Now I ask did I make a difference?


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