The Beach

I imagine myself walking

Walking along the breezy shore

Hearing seagulls fly around me

As I watch the sunset go down

My white dress flowing with the gentle breeze

Feeling the warmth between my toes

Now I run, run with the wind

That feeling of cool, fresh air

Seashells everywhere so beautiful

I pick them up one by one

Slowly putting them in my pail

It’s getting darker; I start walking home

Out of nowhere there he was

Standing there, with his shadow

Shimmering across the ocean surface

What is he looking for; I think to myself

I could see his pale toned skin

Just standing there; Looking at what

He’s so handsome his eyes meet mine

Slowly I walk toward him

Feeling his hand brush my cheek so smoothly

Our eyes meet again

I didn’t know why he seemed so happy

Until alas he said, “I’ve been looking for you.”


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