New Years Resolutions

In so many moments in time we leave behind traces of the could haves, should haves, would haves, and desires of change that we wish we had done. Why not live now in the moment. We seek to do better within then we must accept ourselves. We have New Years Resolutions at the end of each year and yet sometimes we may feel like we are running in circles. We start by thoughts with emotion and then pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. What do we really think about all of this? This life? So many things we could have changed or want to change. Why can’t we accept it is what it is including ourselves? I think if we put less pressure on ourselves with these New Years Resolutions and focus on the “Now” we could learn to embrace each and every aspect of life as a whole without the baggage. Why not start by tearing that piece of paper or deleting that list on your document file and take a deep breath, and start each year as if it were your last. No regrets. Just learn, love, and live.