World Peace

We each hold the power to define ourselves and grow. The way society is today as in the respect for all of humanity still needs growth. In that we need to set aside our differences and learn to live with one another. Are we entitled to our own opinions without having to be judged? Yes we are. However can we not go forward and still be peaceful while listening to ones views? Yes we can. Some just need guidance to do so. Whatever I think of this world and everything that is going on is my opinion and yet I can have a friend or friends that may have different views and we still get along. There is no need for War there is no need for disrespect. That is the problem with the world today. Too many people feel the need to prove they are right or that there is only one answer for everything. Yet there are many answers. This world has so many things undiscovered, unseen, untouched, unfathomed. Yet we can dream to live in a peaceful world. In existence that can only start with us, each individual making the change to be better within. Then the rest around us will unfold and work like a chain reaction. If we have not figured it all out yet world peace starts from the beginning, internally then outward. I still hope and dream and will never give up on that wish for World Peace for human existence. I hope you don’t either.