See The Light

There are always the dark corners in life or the dark roads which we all know of. We must choose the paths that take us away from these places of haunting and debilitation and see the light in things even in the most difficult times. Our minds wander and run a million miles per second it seems and sometimes we do not know what path to go down because we are pulled at all angles. No matter how hard life can be and no matter how much you feel like giving up…Never give up. Where there are dark corners there is always that speck of light that will lead to bigger hues of brightness and you will go on. Even if it seems like there is no way out or you may not feel you have people around that care there is always someone or some people that care even when we are not aware. Usually it’s those that are the closest to us. Yet we tend to push them away the fastest when it is the people that do not care whom we should keep away from us. Then again who am I to say that we should keep them away from us maybe they do care but they just do not know how to communicate. Sometimes we are the ones to help guide others and to make sense of things in life even when we question ourselves. The point is to not question ourselves. Let us just be ourselves, go with our hearts, mend this world, and bring together peace. I know….wishful thinking…..however I choose to never lose hope for humanity or myself.