Contradictions In Social Media

Last night I decided to post a comment and include a link on a site that I fully support to show my support so the founders of the site and the readers could read my one post. I wanted to show my compassion for the people and that site. Little did I know that would be something I would be condemned for by the founders. My comment with my link to my post was deliberately deleted. I then took it upon myself to send a message and here it is: “Hello, Not to be rude but I support Marriage Equality and I had a blog that I wrote and added the link to my comment on one of your articles on here and now I find that it has been deleted. I would like clarification please. Thank you. ~Mrs. Hardin~”. I will not disclose the site that I commented on in support for my own anonymity and their anonymity. At least I have that much respect not to expose them. Then today I noticed that I received an abrupt rude message accusing me of self promotion and that even though I support their cause does not mean I am entitled to advertise to their viewers. I will not share what they specifically sent me but I will share what I wrote in response: “I honestly was not trying to offend anyone or just “promote” myself. If you think so then I apologize. I had a Blog that I felt strongly about to be kind and show my support. You could have been a little kinder when you messaged me. This goes to show me that when you show support that some people just act rude. Don’t worry I will never post on your site again. I am well aware and respect people and follow guidelines and rules but then you should have something on your site that states for people not to do that. Also please don’t ever assume that I am just like some of those selfish people out there trying to promote myself. You don’t know me! Just so you know you might need to scroll because there were others links on there too. Good luck with your future endeavors. No offense taken but I definitely feel categorized when all I was trying to do was have you and others read and see my support. Will never happen again. Thank you and have a nice day.” So far I have not heard anything back. The point being is that one should NEVER accuse a person and classify them according to what the majority do. Secondly they could have messaged me to ask me if I was aware of their guidelines which they did not advertise anywhere on their site anyways. Then they could have had the decency to ask me to remove it or let me know directly it would have to be deleted and for my understanding. Then it would not have bothered me so. However I felt upset most definitely by this. I felt disrespected. As I mentioned I did not let it offend me because I do not have a huge ego. However I have feelings just as anyone. No matter what I will support causes I feel strongly about but then it is up to the founders to be more respectful and professional to make known their guidelines and not be rude. A little less attitude as well. This was one way in my personal experience the Social Media has contradicted itself. They ask for your support. You give your support and sometimes it gets trampled. Lesson learned. 

The Veil On Love Equality: Be Open!

The controversy on Marriage Equality still seems to circulate like two bulls head on. First and foremost I would like to clarify that I was raised to respect people of any religion and spirituality. However this is my opinion and view on the matter and I will not back down. Supposedly WE as humanity were all created equal under GOD and no one but GOD is to judge. Right? Yes, well in the case of Marriage Equality who are WE as humanity to judge who can make love to whom? What does it matter if a man is with a man, a woman is with a woman, or if either sexes enjoy both sexes as long as it is LOVE and monogamous? I don’t see an issue with it. Before the Bible there were homosexuals I guarantee any of you! So some of you religious hypocrites really need a recheck on your history before relying on distorted evidence to tell you that same sex marriage is not ok. In my eyes LOVE is LOVE. I am not afraid to show that I am passionate about this topic. Think about this for a second: There are more straight people that are seemingly in unhealthy relationships that end up in divorce statistically speaking. I will not go out on a limb here and prove it because I do not need to validate my opinion. It’s a fact. Before any of you have a right to judge and ban Marriage Equality why don’t you go and clean your own households! LOVE is LOVE. By the way my sexual orientation should be no concern to any of you and I SUPPORT MARRIAGE EQUALITY! 

Worldly Chaos And Light Remaining

It seems that each day I wake up there are broadcasts about violence, bombings, murder,  rape, bullying, suicide, theft, abuse, and the list goes on. When is this all going to stop? When are we all going to learn to set our differences aside while maintaining respect and keeping our dignity? There are times I lose my faith in humanity and the only things that keep me going are my dear loved ones and that I try to see the light in everything. No matter what goes on I always say there are people worse off in this world and that makes me even more grateful for my life. Yet in a certain aspect I am so ashamed of what this world has become and I myself as many feel out of place in this world. How can one keep the sight of light amidst darkness? I’m not sure but we all have to hang on. I always thought that WE people as humanity could make this world better together. No I never expected a perfect world or lived in a fantasy world with the expectation of perfection in everything. All I ever dreamed of was world peace and unity. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think it is. Please tell me there are more good hearted people in this world than what the news exposes and the negative I endured just as many have in life. To this day I fight for hope for all so that little light that is left will be restored completely one day. Hope is what we must hold on to always. 

Insecurities: The Forever Spell

As I think about the word “insecurity” so much comes to mind. Everyone in this world has their own battle with insecurities and I continue to battle this. Some of us find it easier to help others while we hit an ongoing brick wall when it comes to helping ourselves. I have always been insecure due to being bullied among other things in life at a young age into adulthood. Even in adulthood I find that some people can be so vindictive. Usually when someone I know or even someone I do not know talks about and shares their insecurities I try to help. That is something I enjoy to do is to help people. I love helping people feel good about themselves. People have told me before I have a way with words and yet obviously not with myself. In life it always seems to be that way. It just makes me feel good to make someone else feel better no matter my own battle. When some people I talk to feel insecure I try to pull out all those good qualities I know they have and tell the person all the wonderful qualities and show the person how the good qualities show more than the little flaws they claim to have. We all have flaws and sometimes that is what makes us insecure as well. I have plenty of flaws. However I am human just like we all are. We have to find a way to embrace our flaws along with the wonderful qualities about ourselves. If I could say anything to some of the young girls out there now and women that let the media and people in their environments bring them down I would say to stay STRONG. I would say that you all are better than the ignorance in this world and better than anything trying to belittle you and bring you down. When you fall and get so insecure go and pull all those good qualities out that you have and see that you are more than your flaws that you think you have and worth more than what some people say. Ignore the negative. Listen with an open mind but stay true to yourselves. In the end the only thing we have is to stay true to ourselves. Without that then what are we in this world? No matter the external or internal insecurities we have only we can change how we feel. Not anyone else. We may have guidance from others and people who care enough to help us but it is initially each of us that can make ourselves feel better not anyone else. It is the way we think and how we treat ourselves that can have an impact on us either in a negative way or a positive way. Insecurities will be a forever battle but we are the ones in the front lines that can conquer as long as we never give up. 

Racism And The Draw Of The Card

 As I ponder how to start this I have to title my piece the way I did because it is an ongoing issue but also an issue that gets abused in society. Racism as a whole has been an ongoing battle for a very long time in this world. I will not disclose my exact origins but I am European and I firsthand have also experienced it and was ridiculed and bullied because of my ethnicity in school among other things. However I am proud because I am human. I have a motto that I go by which is to learn history but not live it. This is not about me but it is about society as a whole and the role people play whether they are honestly enduring racism or playing the race card every chance they get no matter what race they are. No matter what I endured I did not go around in life constantly pulling the race card. Instead I learned to accept myself and where I came from and realize that it was those cruel hateful individuals that treated me so wrong who needed to look within to change themselves. I had to realize there was nothing wrong with me and that I just needed to not let those people get the best of me though at times it was difficult. I will not go on a color spectrum here but I was ridiculed and bullied by people of all races. Did I ever pull the race card? NO. In fact the College that I went to was predominantly one race and most of the staff and people there were actually ignorant to me because of my ethnicity. Did I pull the race card? NO! Many people in my Country and surrounding countries many years ago went through war and different things and so many people were also made as slaves and tortured or killed. Did I ever pull the race card? NO! I understand this is a very touchy subject for the majority but no one has the right to go around and constantly pull the race card because of the past or even now. This is reality and the reality is that there are people who are ignorant and racist but there are also people who are just as ignorant pulling that race card! Grow up people! Learn from the past but don’t live it! If that was the case I should have pulled the race card the day I was born! I am thankful that I was raised to respect people of all ethnicities, religions, etc. because in the end we are all ONE in my eyes. I still endure racism now when I go into a store or pass by someone of another ethnicity and I smile or say hello and they look at me and categorize me with the rest of the people not their own ethnicity just because of the past. However I continue to smile because I will not pull that race card. I will be better than that and be ME. 

Professionalism vs. Friendliness

Have you ever called somewhere about an inquiry only to be felt indirectly belittled as the person was so professional that they forgot how to be kind? I have and at this point it makes me feel like I could take that persons job any day because I know at least I would be friendly even if I did not have all the qualifications for the job. Sometimes I want to ask the person what is so bad in their life that they have to be so unfriendly when spoken to and yet they claim to be such professionals. I remember not too long ago I actually called an office to get my results/information and the nurse seemed so annoyed that she had to go and retrieve this information for me and even the times I go to the office she has this same monotone irritated mannerism about her. On the phone I actually said “I am sorry but I am not trying to stress you.” Finally she seemed to get herself in check, get me my information and then I wished her a good day. Regardless of how professional some people claim to be it would not hurt to be friendly. Another example is when calling a college about information on some courses and the lady picked up. I am on the other line and she does not even have a warm welcoming greeting. Instead it’s a monotone annoyed kind of voice with the “better than thou” mannerism on the phone. I kindly stated my inquiry and she actually had the nerve to make it more known how annoyed she was that she had to put me on hold to find out information for me since she could not tell me. I on the other hand was patient while being on hold. I noticed that I started to feel overwhelmed inside because once again just as many times this was a person whom was supposedly professional but so unfriendly. It sickens me that some of these people call themselves professional and yet treat people so unfriendly. This has even happened in person when I have gone places. Kindness goes a long way as the saying goes. It does not matter how many bad days in my life I may have had I still treated people kind in any of my jobs no matter what. One day an unkind professional person is going to push me to the point that I literally tell them that if they are that stressed and do not know how to be kind they do not deserve to be called professionals and I will gladly take their position in a heartbeat. Yet here I am wondering where my job/career path stands. I am the type of person that goes above and beyond for people and I know some take advantage of that but that will never make me turn into an unkind person. In the work world we all have to learn to put our stresses aside and help one another. It’s about reaching out to help someone else and make their day that much better and put a smile on their face knowing that you did what you could to help them. For all you professional people out there reading this I had many encounters with some claiming to be professional and being so unkind so please take a look at yourselves and reevaluate your personalities before you give yourselves such a nice title as “Professional”. You can still be professional and kind at the same time. Trust me it means more to people than when you act like you have a bug stuck up your rear end.