Professionalism vs. Friendliness

Have you ever called somewhere about an inquiry only to be felt indirectly belittled as the person was so professional that they forgot how to be kind? I have and at this point it makes me feel like I could take that persons job any day because I know at least I would be friendly even if I did not have all the qualifications for the job. Sometimes I want to ask the person what is so bad in their life that they have to be so unfriendly when spoken to and yet they claim to be such professionals. I remember not too long ago I actually called an office to get my results/information and the nurse seemed so annoyed that she had to go and retrieve this information for me and even the times I go to the office she has this same monotone irritated mannerism about her. On the phone I actually said “I am sorry but I am not trying to stress you.” Finally she seemed to get herself in check, get me my information and then I wished her a good day. Regardless of how professional some people claim to be it would not hurt to be friendly. Another example is when calling a college about information on some courses and the lady picked up. I am on the other line and she does not even have a warm welcoming greeting. Instead it’s a monotone annoyed kind of voice with the “better than thou” mannerism on the phone. I kindly stated my inquiry and she actually had the nerve to make it more known how annoyed she was that she had to put me on hold to find out information for me since she could not tell me. I on the other hand was patient while being on hold. I noticed that I started to feel overwhelmed inside because once again just as many times this was a person whom was supposedly professional but so unfriendly. It sickens me that some of these people call themselves professional and yet treat people so unfriendly. This has even happened in person when I have gone places. Kindness goes a long way as the saying goes. It does not matter how many bad days in my life I may have had I still treated people kind in any of my jobs no matter what. One day an unkind professional person is going to push me to the point that I literally tell them that if they are that stressed and do not know how to be kind they do not deserve to be called professionals and I will gladly take their position in a heartbeat. Yet here I am wondering where my job/career path stands. I am the type of person that goes above and beyond for people and I know some take advantage of that but that will never make me turn into an unkind person. In the work world we all have to learn to put our stresses aside and help one another. It’s about reaching out to help someone else and make their day that much better and put a smile on their face knowing that you did what you could to help them. For all you professional people out there reading this I had many encounters with some claiming to be professional and being so unkind so please take a look at yourselves and reevaluate your personalities before you give yourselves such a nice title as “Professional”. You can still be professional and kind at the same time. Trust me it means more to people than when you act like you have a bug stuck up your rear end. 


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