Racism And The Draw Of The Card

 As I ponder how to start this I have to title my piece the way I did because it is an ongoing issue but also an issue that gets abused in society. Racism as a whole has been an ongoing battle for a very long time in this world. I will not disclose my exact origins but I am European and I firsthand have also experienced it and was ridiculed and bullied because of my ethnicity in school among other things. However I am proud because I am human. I have a motto that I go by which is to learn history but not live it. This is not about me but it is about society as a whole and the role people play whether they are honestly enduring racism or playing the race card every chance they get no matter what race they are. No matter what I endured I did not go around in life constantly pulling the race card. Instead I learned to accept myself and where I came from and realize that it was those cruel hateful individuals that treated me so wrong who needed to look within to change themselves. I had to realize there was nothing wrong with me and that I just needed to not let those people get the best of me though at times it was difficult. I will not go on a color spectrum here but I was ridiculed and bullied by people of all races. Did I ever pull the race card? NO. In fact the College that I went to was predominantly one race and most of the staff and people there were actually ignorant to me because of my ethnicity. Did I pull the race card? NO! Many people in my Country and surrounding countries many years ago went through war and different things and so many people were also made as slaves and tortured or killed. Did I ever pull the race card? NO! I understand this is a very touchy subject for the majority but no one has the right to go around and constantly pull the race card because of the past or even now. This is reality and the reality is that there are people who are ignorant and racist but there are also people who are just as ignorant pulling that race card! Grow up people! Learn from the past but don’t live it! If that was the case I should have pulled the race card the day I was born! I am thankful that I was raised to respect people of all ethnicities, religions, etc. because in the end we are all ONE in my eyes. I still endure racism now when I go into a store or pass by someone of another ethnicity and I smile or say hello and they look at me and categorize me with the rest of the people not their own ethnicity just because of the past. However I continue to smile because I will not pull that race card. I will be better than that and be ME. 


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