Insecurities: The Forever Spell

As I think about the word “insecurity” so much comes to mind. Everyone in this world has their own battle with insecurities and I continue to battle this. Some of us find it easier to help others while we hit an ongoing brick wall when it comes to helping ourselves. I have always been insecure due to being bullied among other things in life at a young age into adulthood. Even in adulthood I find that some people can be so vindictive. Usually when someone I know or even someone I do not know talks about and shares their insecurities I try to help. That is something I enjoy to do is to help people. I love helping people feel good about themselves. People have told me before I have a way with words and yet obviously not with myself. In life it always seems to be that way. It just makes me feel good to make someone else feel better no matter my own battle. When some people I talk to feel insecure I try to pull out all those good qualities I know they have and tell the person all the wonderful qualities and show the person how the good qualities show more than the little flaws they claim to have. We all have flaws and sometimes that is what makes us insecure as well. I have plenty of flaws. However I am human just like we all are. We have to find a way to embrace our flaws along with the wonderful qualities about ourselves. If I could say anything to some of the young girls out there now and women that let the media and people in their environments bring them down I would say to stay STRONG. I would say that you all are better than the ignorance in this world and better than anything trying to belittle you and bring you down. When you fall and get so insecure go and pull all those good qualities out that you have and see that you are more than your flaws that you think you have and worth more than what some people say. Ignore the negative. Listen with an open mind but stay true to yourselves. In the end the only thing we have is to stay true to ourselves. Without that then what are we in this world? No matter the external or internal insecurities we have only we can change how we feel. Not anyone else. We may have guidance from others and people who care enough to help us but it is initially each of us that can make ourselves feel better not anyone else. It is the way we think and how we treat ourselves that can have an impact on us either in a negative way or a positive way. Insecurities will be a forever battle but we are the ones in the front lines that can conquer as long as we never give up. 


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