Worldly Chaos And Light Remaining

It seems that each day I wake up there are broadcasts about violence, bombings, murder,  rape, bullying, suicide, theft, abuse, and the list goes on. When is this all going to stop? When are we all going to learn to set our differences aside while maintaining respect and keeping our dignity? There are times I lose my faith in humanity and the only things that keep me going are my dear loved ones and that I try to see the light in everything. No matter what goes on I always say there are people worse off in this world and that makes me even more grateful for my life. Yet in a certain aspect I am so ashamed of what this world has become and I myself as many feel out of place in this world. How can one keep the sight of light amidst darkness? I’m not sure but we all have to hang on. I always thought that WE people as humanity could make this world better together. No I never expected a perfect world or lived in a fantasy world with the expectation of perfection in everything. All I ever dreamed of was world peace and unity. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think it is. Please tell me there are more good hearted people in this world than what the news exposes and the negative I endured just as many have in life. To this day I fight for hope for all so that little light that is left will be restored completely one day. Hope is what we must hold on to always. 


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