The Veil On Love Equality: Be Open!

The controversy on Marriage Equality still seems to circulate like two bulls head on. First and foremost I would like to clarify that I was raised to respect people of any religion and spirituality. However this is my opinion and view on the matter and I will not back down. Supposedly WE as humanity were all created equal under GOD and no one but GOD is to judge. Right? Yes, well in the case of Marriage Equality who are WE as humanity to judge who can make love to whom? What does it matter if a man is with a man, a woman is with a woman, or if either sexes enjoy both sexes as long as it is LOVE and monogamous? I don’t see an issue with it. Before the Bible there were homosexuals I guarantee any of you! So some of you religious hypocrites really need a recheck on your history before relying on distorted evidence to tell you that same sex marriage is not ok. In my eyes LOVE is LOVE. I am not afraid to show that I am passionate about this topic. Think about this for a second: There are more straight people that are seemingly in unhealthy relationships that end up in divorce statistically speaking. I will not go out on a limb here and prove it because I do not need to validate my opinion. It’s a fact. Before any of you have a right to judge and ban Marriage Equality why don’t you go and clean your own households! LOVE is LOVE. By the way my sexual orientation should be no concern to any of you and I SUPPORT MARRIAGE EQUALITY! 


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