Contradictions In Social Media

Last night I decided to post a comment and include a link on a site that I fully support to show my support so the founders of the site and the readers could read my one post. I wanted to show my compassion for the people and that site. Little did I know that would be something I would be condemned for by the founders. My comment with my link to my post was deliberately deleted. I then took it upon myself to send a message and here it is: “Hello, Not to be rude but I support Marriage Equality and I had a blog that I wrote and added the link to my comment on one of your articles on here and now I find that it has been deleted. I would like clarification please. Thank you. ~Mrs. Hardin~”. I will not disclose the site that I commented on in support for my own anonymity and their anonymity. At least I have that much respect not to expose them. Then today I noticed that I received an abrupt rude message accusing me of self promotion and that even though I support their cause does not mean I am entitled to advertise to their viewers. I will not share what they specifically sent me but I will share what I wrote in response: “I honestly was not trying to offend anyone or just “promote” myself. If you think so then I apologize. I had a Blog that I felt strongly about to be kind and show my support. You could have been a little kinder when you messaged me. This goes to show me that when you show support that some people just act rude. Don’t worry I will never post on your site again. I am well aware and respect people and follow guidelines and rules but then you should have something on your site that states for people not to do that. Also please don’t ever assume that I am just like some of those selfish people out there trying to promote myself. You don’t know me! Just so you know you might need to scroll because there were others links on there too. Good luck with your future endeavors. No offense taken but I definitely feel categorized when all I was trying to do was have you and others read and see my support. Will never happen again. Thank you and have a nice day.” So far I have not heard anything back. The point being is that one should NEVER accuse a person and classify them according to what the majority do. Secondly they could have messaged me to ask me if I was aware of their guidelines which they did not advertise anywhere on their site anyways. Then they could have had the decency to ask me to remove it or let me know directly it would have to be deleted and for my understanding. Then it would not have bothered me so. However I felt upset most definitely by this. I felt disrespected. As I mentioned I did not let it offend me because I do not have a huge ego. However I have feelings just as anyone. No matter what I will support causes I feel strongly about but then it is up to the founders to be more respectful and professional to make known their guidelines and not be rude. A little less attitude as well. This was one way in my personal experience the Social Media has contradicted itself. They ask for your support. You give your support and sometimes it gets trampled. Lesson learned. 


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