Remember when you held me in your arms the first time

Only to find you left me behind

Did you ever wonder what you’re missing out

Even sometimes feeling you wanted to shout

Do you wonder what I have been through

Knowing you could have been there too

Dry my tears

End my fears

Share memories

Do those things that real decent fathers do

In the end you made your choice too

Many years I cried hoping to reunite with you

We finally did over time

Once again only to find you left me behind

I’ll never forget your apologies

Don’t you forget now they mean nothing to me

Real fathers try

You chose Goodbye

Inviting Self Worth

Over time I have had a good person in my life speak of the meaning of Self Worth. This is how I understand self worth. Many of us in this world tend to have the need to inhale the outer world and perceptions of other people to gain our own self worth. When we do that we lose our focus and ability to really see our own self worth without depending on the outside world. We are the only ones who can acknowledge our self worth and it is not just about acknowledging it-it is also about hearing it within ourselves and feeling it with our hearts.

 Self Worth is not about what people perceive us to be. It is about how we perceive ourselves without belittling ourselves. It is about embracing our inner beings. Looking in a mirror and not degrading one-self but smiling and accepting just how we are. It is that we value ourselves and love ourselves and learn to embrace all of our flaws but still compliment ourselves. No one is perfect in this world but we can learn self worth so we feel internally free from anything in life eating at us in any way. Self Worth is about pulling out our true internal colors and the good things that need to be put right in front of our face. Not just by others but literally by ourselves. Self Worth is setting aside all the past baggage and seeing the good in ourselves and all the qualities that make us who we are as individuals.

 Self Worth is not about pleasing others or constantly fretting with our own insecurities. To me self worth means being internally free because I can learn to accept myself. Maybe one day I can learn to love myself. When I accomplish that then maybe just maybe I will have my Self Worth the way it is meant to be.

 Self Worth: something that we all have but need to learn how to manifest it to blossom into that beautiful something that flows through the wind of life. 

Toys And The Society Of Gender Stereotypes

Have you ever been through a fast food drive through and order a kid’s meal while the person asks “is the toy for a boy or a girl?”? Have you ever had friends that have a child or children and they only have pink for a girl or blue for a boy while the girl plays with dolls and the boy only plays sports or action toys? This is called a Gender Stereotype. Society as a whole often judges and suggests what is supposed to be played with based on the gender of the child and it is wrong. The question of how it is “supposed to be” runs through so many parents minds. However I oppose the close mindedness of many individuals that think certain toys are only for the certain gender.

 I am proud to say that my child plays with both girl and boy toys. Does it matter what sex my child is? No it does not. If we are to teach children and the future about equality then it starts at home. Instilling values such as gender equality is a start. I am not saying people should do what I do but what I choose to do with my child and how I raise my child is what I choose to do and it should not be judged by close minded people. When going through a drive through and they ask if the toy is for a boy or girl I literally say “It does not matter which toy, my child plays with either thank you.” Some of the workers seem appalled and some are actually very surprised and happy to see an open minded parent for a change!

 No I do not feel like I need to make a statement every time. I am just trying to break the cycle of inequality among the children of the world and society. I believe boys can play with girl toys and girls can play with boy toys. People in this world need to stop stereotypes that each sex has to go by the stigma of sticking to their own group of toys just because of their gender. Another point I would like to make is this fear among people that if their child of a certain gender plays with the opposite supposed toy that they will turn out homosexual. That is not true and if the child does turn out homosexual: SO WHAT! If a girl plays with boy toys it does not mean she will turn out homosexual and if so then: SO WHAT!

 I could go into a lengthy blog but this about sums it up. The more open minded the parents are the more likely the child will be open minded and help towards making the world a better place as well. It is up to us parents around the world to teach our children about gender equality. Maybe then our future generations will outgrow the arrogance of today’s society with their continuous degrading criticisms. 

The Two Tower Mom Battle

Stay at home moms versus career oriented moms. Which is it? To me it is more than a label. Regardless of being at home or having a hefty work schedule both types of moms deserve recognition because there is a huge sacrifice either way. As far as I am concerned the constant bickering among stay at home moms and career moms just needs to stop. Have we all forgotten that the media fuels the fire when there is conversation on either side and the moms just end up pointing fingers and become disrespectful instead of being supportive individuals in a society where women in general are already being belittled and degraded! It must stop!

 I have no need to disclose my personal matters but I do feel the need to spread the word on how some of these moms seem and need a wakeup call. No one has the right to point fingers at who has it better or harder. If anything any mom deserves to be treated with respect regardless of being employed or not. Being a mom as the saying goes is a challenge in itself. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a career mom does not make you better than the other. I notice however that some women out there do not think this way. There is constant critiquing. Personally it is just childish.

 There are many times that people chastise me and it can be difficult because what do they know, are they in my shoes? There is this preconceived notion that stay at home moms do not do anything. There are preconceived notions that career moms don’t spend enough time with their children. We moms should not be judged as a whole. If anything we are to only be judged by our personalities and individually as moms. There are good apples and bad apples and just because there is one bad apple does not make them all bad apples as the saying goes. What I am trying to say is that no one is better than anyone and there are many good moms that are stay at home moms and do so much as well as there are many career oriented moms that juggle life and work and are also good. For the moms that want to continue to point fingers on who does it better go take a good look in the mirror and judge yourself. For the good moms out there tell yourself this before you point fingers at another mom: 

 I am ME, I am a MOM, I will worry about how I walk life not about how others think I should walk my life, I will do my best whether I am working outside the home or in the home because in the end it is I who makes a difference not the people judging me.




Spiraling Positive Connections

As I come across Blogs of so many seemingly wonderful and talented people I start to see the outward circle of emotions that stem from everyday lives, journeys, experiences, and continuing struggles. There are so many individuals that either question the same things about life or have a crying out for help. I have already commented on some of the people with Blogs just to give my input and I just hope they never give up and get the strength to cope with life’s ups and downs. No matter where any of us are in the world we all need to see that there may be someone out there feeling so hopeless and we each have the ability to help someone feel better by just acknowledging that they are not alone and will listen.

 I wish I could help everyone. I really do. However I realize that I can only do so much but I will continue. For all of you that feel like there is no hope left or nothing left in this world for you NEVER feel like you are alone. If you are reading this and you feel like you don’t know what to do or how to cope with what is eating you on the inside just know that you need to be stronger than you ever thought you were and that you will eventually conquer with time.

 The chain reaction of the domino effect starts with each person in the world to make a difference in someone else’s life. If you go to a store and someone seems like they are upset and you don’t want to come off as nosey because it’s not your intention then just walk by and smile with a casual hello and wish them a good day. You never know how much that one phrase can make a difference in someone’s life. After all you may even save a life. That’s what I strive to do. Help people that I don’t even know because in the end the meaning of unity is when we all from different walks of life come together and help one another. 

Time: A Blink Of An Eye

Do you ever sit there and wonder how it seems that time goes by so fast? Many times I just wonder where it all goes. I look back and I feel that just yesterday I was a little girl going to the bakery with my mom while she pulled me on the sled in Europe. Then going to school, graduating, going to College, graduating, having experiences with jobs, getting married, having a beautifully amazing child, and pondering about my future goals. What do we do? Do we sit and wait for time to pass us or do we go through life and fly? I choose to inhale every second of time. 

Each second of time gives us the power to reflect and change the future. We look inward and then learn to change what we don’t like, we learn to deal better with the outside world. No one knows when their given time is. You cannot just guess or make assumptions. Someone may be sick and have a short time to live, or someone may be healthy and walk out their front door and instantly lose their life. We all have to cherish each and every moment. The good and the bad as they say. Moments define us. If we use those seconds and moments of time in positive ways no matter how difficult at times then we have a chance to be at the top in life. We will be at the top because we don’t let the negative burn we help drench it with water as we fly. 

So many people waste their time dwelling and I admit I have had a problem dwelling about the past. However we must not dwell because it keeps us stuck in time. We get stuck in the past rather than progress into the light which is the present moment which leads to our future. Never forget that time is precious and time is all we have and it is something that can be taken away from us at any given second. Make sure you cherish your loved ones but be sure to cherish yourself. In the end we all need to know we did what we could to make the world a better place with our time.