Time: A Blink Of An Eye

Do you ever sit there and wonder how it seems that time goes by so fast? Many times I just wonder where it all goes. I look back and I feel that just yesterday I was a little girl going to the bakery with my mom while she pulled me on the sled in Europe. Then going to school, graduating, going to College, graduating, having experiences with jobs, getting married, having a beautifully amazing child, and pondering about my future goals. What do we do? Do we sit and wait for time to pass us or do we go through life and fly? I choose to inhale every second of time. 

Each second of time gives us the power to reflect and change the future. We look inward and then learn to change what we don’t like, we learn to deal better with the outside world. No one knows when their given time is. You cannot just guess or make assumptions. Someone may be sick and have a short time to live, or someone may be healthy and walk out their front door and instantly lose their life. We all have to cherish each and every moment. The good and the bad as they say. Moments define us. If we use those seconds and moments of time in positive ways no matter how difficult at times then we have a chance to be at the top in life. We will be at the top because we don’t let the negative burn we help drench it with water as we fly. 

So many people waste their time dwelling and I admit I have had a problem dwelling about the past. However we must not dwell because it keeps us stuck in time. We get stuck in the past rather than progress into the light which is the present moment which leads to our future. Never forget that time is precious and time is all we have and it is something that can be taken away from us at any given second. Make sure you cherish your loved ones but be sure to cherish yourself. In the end we all need to know we did what we could to make the world a better place with our time. 


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