Inviting Self Worth

Over time I have had a good person in my life speak of the meaning of Self Worth. This is how I understand self worth. Many of us in this world tend to have the need to inhale the outer world and perceptions of other people to gain our own self worth. When we do that we lose our focus and ability to really see our own self worth without depending on the outside world. We are the only ones who can acknowledge our self worth and it is not just about acknowledging it-it is also about hearing it within ourselves and feeling it with our hearts.

 Self Worth is not about what people perceive us to be. It is about how we perceive ourselves without belittling ourselves. It is about embracing our inner beings. Looking in a mirror and not degrading one-self but smiling and accepting just how we are. It is that we value ourselves and love ourselves and learn to embrace all of our flaws but still compliment ourselves. No one is perfect in this world but we can learn self worth so we feel internally free from anything in life eating at us in any way. Self Worth is about pulling out our true internal colors and the good things that need to be put right in front of our face. Not just by others but literally by ourselves. Self Worth is setting aside all the past baggage and seeing the good in ourselves and all the qualities that make us who we are as individuals.

 Self Worth is not about pleasing others or constantly fretting with our own insecurities. To me self worth means being internally free because I can learn to accept myself. Maybe one day I can learn to love myself. When I accomplish that then maybe just maybe I will have my Self Worth the way it is meant to be.

 Self Worth: something that we all have but need to learn how to manifest it to blossom into that beautiful something that flows through the wind of life. 


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