Toys And The Society Of Gender Stereotypes

Have you ever been through a fast food drive through and order a kid’s meal while the person asks “is the toy for a boy or a girl?”? Have you ever had friends that have a child or children and they only have pink for a girl or blue for a boy while the girl plays with dolls and the boy only plays sports or action toys? This is called a Gender Stereotype. Society as a whole often judges and suggests what is supposed to be played with based on the gender of the child and it is wrong. The question of how it is “supposed to be” runs through so many parents minds. However I oppose the close mindedness of many individuals that think certain toys are only for the certain gender.

 I am proud to say that my child plays with both girl and boy toys. Does it matter what sex my child is? No it does not. If we are to teach children and the future about equality then it starts at home. Instilling values such as gender equality is a start. I am not saying people should do what I do but what I choose to do with my child and how I raise my child is what I choose to do and it should not be judged by close minded people. When going through a drive through and they ask if the toy is for a boy or girl I literally say “It does not matter which toy, my child plays with either thank you.” Some of the workers seem appalled and some are actually very surprised and happy to see an open minded parent for a change!

 No I do not feel like I need to make a statement every time. I am just trying to break the cycle of inequality among the children of the world and society. I believe boys can play with girl toys and girls can play with boy toys. People in this world need to stop stereotypes that each sex has to go by the stigma of sticking to their own group of toys just because of their gender. Another point I would like to make is this fear among people that if their child of a certain gender plays with the opposite supposed toy that they will turn out homosexual. That is not true and if the child does turn out homosexual: SO WHAT! If a girl plays with boy toys it does not mean she will turn out homosexual and if so then: SO WHAT!

 I could go into a lengthy blog but this about sums it up. The more open minded the parents are the more likely the child will be open minded and help towards making the world a better place as well. It is up to us parents around the world to teach our children about gender equality. Maybe then our future generations will outgrow the arrogance of today’s society with their continuous degrading criticisms. 


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