Past Cry

Each time the moments come back

Memories that were slowly suppressed

Attacking the mind and heart with might

When all she wants is to forget

Forget everything that haunted her so

Still haunts her now and all she can do is go on

Keep trying Keep trying

Don’t die inside

Dry the tears you cry

She does not realize she is stronger than the past

Strong strong strong

Weak seeing

Heart bleeding

Pain still outweighs the good

Just stop


I’m alive


Blanket To Suffocate

Streaming tears chase down her broken smile

It is the demise of her dreams and life

Once felt so alone and shadows took over

Mocking the entities of non existence

To come out alive would be the bridge and shade

Paler than the moon decaying inside

One can put upon so much pain and drown

Inside she felt like combusting yet silent

When she was asked what or why

She shied and denied for feeling filthy enflamed

Desolate and weary forever ashamed

She did not know it was not herself to blame

Taken from innocence and burned to shame

Heart pounding a voyage so trapped

What a perilous fool to use hands and words

She was handed and blanketed

Not wanting an easy way out but still dead

Tape to her skin and subdued to suffocating

Lack of oxygen she begged to breath

Let go Let go Let go of me

That was He and she was she

Child and adolescently innocent and warm

Sneaking by night to peek at her light

Vision delight and disgust she was cold

Cannot escape the sound of that voice

In the dark room as the street light shined

His guilty giggles and mind were words haunting

Intensions to rummage and invade

All she wanted was to sleep 


At the sea wide open

Standing there with question

She lets the wind lift up her soul

Scattered dimensions of endless time

She desires to be whole again

Gently hovering over the sea

The waves soothe her

She feels the sea like the wind

Thoughts deflect freely

She desires the tranquility at hand

A wisp of hair touches her eye

Reaching to brush it away

The sea appears to change

Yet something keeps her balance

Amidst it all is able to fly

No longer engulfed by the sea

Just one whole again 


Branches in the mind to seek the point

 So many to choose from and no direct feel

 Concerned with self doubt that pushed down

 Everything overlapped with hesitance

 What is there to this specific piece

 The vast opportunity lies right there

 Only knowing what good can come of it

 The branch was chosen for a path to emerge

 Fear cannot always win

 When the branch is chosen there is endless walk

 Branches and uncertainty leave at least one

 One to be more sure of

 A branch that cannot break

 It will not fade

The Star

Casting stars abruptly fall

The sky lights up in the night

How many wishes to share

So many going by and so little time

As you sit on the hill and wonder

Fading streams of light pass by

The heart as a wish

It seeks for the light to remain

Remain here and take this wish

No more suffering

Instead Peaceful Bliss

Yet the star asks why you seek

It starts within you

The Star

Realm of Light

This realm of light gliding along the path

 So bright and full of emotion

 What is it seeking I suppose

 Does it seek to change the wilted flower

 Essence of life swaying from its side

 Harboring each fear each dream

 Yet continuing to sway and reach

 The air and wind depicts its strength

 While the realm of light embraces

 Wilted flower disappears only to reappear whole


Whispers of a field glistening with streams

Surfacing are sounds unclear

Running from uncertainty our minds speak

What lies ahead will be the risk

As time goes by the choice to be in existence

Engulfed by unknowing senses

Weathering by surprise though unannounced

Should we seek this life amid those

Weeping and going under

Hidden messages embrace our every being

Stay up and awake for air

Never let the uncertainty embed to life

Instead take it and run breathing 

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