Blanket To Suffocate

Streaming tears chase down her broken smile

It is the demise of her dreams and life

Once felt so alone and shadows took over

Mocking the entities of non existence

To come out alive would be the bridge and shade

Paler than the moon decaying inside

One can put upon so much pain and drown

Inside she felt like combusting yet silent

When she was asked what or why

She shied and denied for feeling filthy enflamed

Desolate and weary forever ashamed

She did not know it was not herself to blame

Taken from innocence and burned to shame

Heart pounding a voyage so trapped

What a perilous fool to use hands and words

She was handed and blanketed

Not wanting an easy way out but still dead

Tape to her skin and subdued to suffocating

Lack of oxygen she begged to breath

Let go Let go Let go of me

That was He and she was she

Child and adolescently innocent and warm

Sneaking by night to peek at her light

Vision delight and disgust she was cold

Cannot escape the sound of that voice

In the dark room as the street light shined

His guilty giggles and mind were words haunting

Intensions to rummage and invade

All she wanted was to sleep 


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