Shimmering Surfaces

To be completely under the streams of enlightenment

Channeling our deepest fears and emotions

A brush with death creeping

Only when you know you are dead already

The sensations awaken within giving you your last breath

Strokes of future brush against your heart

You wake finding isolation

Not as sullen as you were with what was at your door

The nights you slept and wanted to stay asleep

You realize you may always dream

Shimmering surfaces of tranquil bliss no fire

Breaking away from internal corpse

Screaming out to the unknown to take you away

Why are you still here

This Earth this land this place of such hate

Your own personal space devoured

Living entity to shred your light and choke

You remember the shimmering surfaces as you gasp

No more dead than you were then

Warmth of emotions take you back to where you are

Here in the shimmering surfaces of reality

Not then


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