Wound trickled in every layer of my mind

Make it cease

Yet I cannot

I hang on to what I wish would go

Far away and disappear

Yet it stays

Within me I know it takes time

Sometimes not knowing if it will ever escape

And let me be free

They say you have the power to free yourself

But how do you free your mind

No matter how positive you try to be

One thing never leaves

The past

It stares back at you

Only to haunt you forever

Vicious Cycle

Too much going on in the world

When will the atrocities STOP

The murdering of people, discrimination

Rape, abuse, neglect

Spinning and continuing

I wonder how many good people are left

If you can hear me

Help those who need it most

Don’t just watch the suffering


HELP people not lose HOPE




Self Doubt

When in doubt

Neither fret or fear

Rather go

At least you know



Brush of uncertainty trickles in the mind

With what are we to do

Now that the story is invisible

Constant dwelling on things not fixable

We realize to leave alone

Turning the page the words are missing

Though not too late for new chapters

Ahead in time to new beginnings

Life lingers just a bit on the end of the ink

Do we dot the end of the line or encompass it

Passing so fervently each page no longer missing words

What can be new is each second we make important

The Life as our whole being

No longer divided

Just a brush of determintaion


Expired day in clouds

Floating obstacles beckoning 

Unleash forbidden past

Let it rest

Spinning wheel ahead in time

Crashes emerge

Belated beginnings keep you stuck

Only expired by time

Grip the surface now

Then you will stay


Perilous Flight

Light in perilous flight

My body simmers

As yesterday fades

The shade is gone now

With what do I follow

Sturdy as a shelf

Books hold the world

Now as cool as ice

Motion after motion

Never to capture me

I go now with the light 

So perilous in flight

Moon Beneath To Rise

Light brighter than day is seen

Further into the ocean beams

Reaching outward with my hand

Touching the in between of nothingness

Eyes pressed closed to escape

I feel the heaviness of the air around me

As it drops to emptiness I levitate

Lifted to the level of internal bliss

Dropping out of the sky

A mist dissipates as I fall to wake

Moon why so bright

To lead me through

To help me sleep

Reality ceases

Moon rises


At peak you stand

To tumble low

Among the sand

Your shadow holds

Still as looking glass

Ingrained to the mast 

A peak so willingly

Imploding near infinity 

Outer shell stout

As you come about