“Experience Required”

We go through life sometimes either getting a job, going to college, getting a career, not getting a job, or never getting a career. Sometimes we sit in the middle of it all and wonder where our place is. We do what we can to utilize the skills and advice given to us. The things that we have learned throughout schooling, life in general and what we gain during our growing period. What do we do with it? Just let it wither away due to the way the economy is or how society views people now days? Do we just give up and sit there and dwell? Some do but I won’t. I REFUSE. I will never give up. In fact the only thing holding me back is the infamous statement “Experience required”. What does that mean “Experience required”? How are people supposed to have “Experience” for a job/career if no one is giving them opportunity or chance? Over a long period of time I have spent countless hours job searching and career searching for nothing to turn up but “Experience Required”! I am not a conceited individual but I have more work ethic, determination, compassion, dedication and more than the majority that are already in the workforce in specific fields. I would be willing to go through training. The point is I have went to College and I have a Degree and now it is just a pretty little piece of paper sitting on my desk in its little black casing it came in. For what? To wither away? What is happening to this world? Education was supposed to mean something. People whom are dedicated and have wonderful work ethic are supposed to be given opportunity not shot down because of lack of experience. To gain experience we must be given opportunity. I would be willing to learn in something I apply for if Companies/Places of Employment would be willing to train individuals. Yet everything says “Experience Required”. It is like a dead end. A brick wall and yet future generations are supposed to feel enthusiastic about jobs/careers. How can that happen when the immediate generations are out of jobs or unable to obtain a job due to that lovely phrase “Experience Required”? I just hope that for my childs future that my child will not be part of a continuing generation of “Experience Required”. In the meantime my motto of “Always try and never give up” I will chew each day and refuse to wither away. Good luck to all you job and career seekers and stay strong in this withered society. 


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  1. carmenw503
    Aug 21, 2013 @ 19:14:55

    No-one has time to train anyone it seems; it’s a world of what can you offer me now! Right this minute! Not, after 6 months training etc. But look up… you could find creative ways of improving your resume to give yourself an edge over the competition… brush up on a foreign language, volunteer someplace that could possibly give you some experience and read read read… to gain vicarious experience. I hope you get/create a job that will suit you soon.


  2. noirfifre
    Oct 18, 2013 @ 19:16:23

    I can hug you right now. I consider my qualification just a piece of paper at the moment.


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