String of tears flow connected down

Down into rings of nothingness

Stars fade as she creeps silently

Away into the dark that surrounds

Emptiness not only in the sky

Inside as well without the reminder

What cannot rest comes back

She cannot stand the memories

Tearfully begging to erase it all

The string will never allow

It’s a line of never ending flow

She can cut it but it will not budge

Haunted strings only stay


Withering beneath my soul

I cling to the untold

Falling endlessly to evaporate

Being dispersed back into the open

I don’t see where I am going

Could it be that I’m forever broken

Frozen in place

I fear that will end me

My heart is my direction

I’m still standing

Staring fear down

Giving direction


In the pounding rush

Instantly trapped by a pounding heart

Uncertainty there again

What is there left to think or do

Dwelling of possibilities

Of what could have been

Existence to shape the emptiness

Behold my eyes cry fire

Uncertainty a blaze like reflection

When will it stop