If given the choice 

She would have rather died

Than come into this world

Seeing flames towering from above

Pits of everlasting doom

Born into a world she has no control over

Hoping things will change

They never will

Out of place in this world of hate 

A hell in its own

She screams Peace so loud

Her lungs burst

No longer breathing

Holding on but the fire unbearable

Quit suffocating me she says to herself

A world of hell is nothing compared to internal hell

She wants to rise above it all

Knowing one day she will live in a peaceful world

But that wont be reality until her last breath

For now there is still much to live for

Don’t let yourself die

You’re the peace in this world after all


She sits there and brushes her hair

Strand by strand

Looks into the mirror but sees nothing

No reflection of energy

Yet has so much to give and love

She does not see her being

With each brush yet no feeling

When will the numbness go

Dead inside yet alive

Somehow trapped between

Her subconscious

Her reality

Death surrounds us all

We walk with the living

Only invisible