Oath to Myself

This is an oath to myself rather than to others. Instead of making oaths to others sometimes we need to make them to ourselves. It’s a healing process in life. It does not mean I will abide by my oaths on a daily basis but I will try my best. With that said here are the Oaths to myself:


  • Value myself more
  • No matter how hurt or angry I feel walk away and give myself the space before I regret.
  • Stop belittling myself
  • Realize I am entitled to my feelings no matter what
  • Put an end to certain insecurities because I am a grown woman not a child
  • End assumptions
  • Listen to myself
  • Think before I speak
  • Be kinder to myself
  • Learn to love myself unconditionally because all in all we are stuck with ourselves in life
  • Let myself make mistakes and learn from them instead of self bash
  • Realize I do have a purpose
  • Stop making fun of myself because though it may be funny it’s a way of self bashing
  • Stop jumping to conclusions
  • Accept my emotions at any given time
  • Give myself the time to heal internally instead of expecting fast results
  • Understand that I am human as I always say we all are but I am too
  • Don’t let anger get the best of me
  • Make the most of each second as we don’t know how much time life gives any of us
  • Close chapters instead of leaving them partially opened


 I am not perfect, no one is. We are all responsible for how we are as human beings. Let us put an end to self belittling, doubting, and more. Instead let us plant the seed to healing. It starts within goes the saying.






Emotionless Rain

Emotionless rain just as it sounds

As I sit here and think of the pound

Dripping and running all down the window panes

Down the roof and off the trees

Just like it was yesterday

Pain with each fall

You go forward you go backward

Stuck in the middle with no time left to keep

Rain in your heart, mind, and soul

I just run down with the soil as the water flows

Taking me deeper with each drop

To drown in rainfall of perpetual……

Emotionless Rain