You Don’t Know Me

You don’t know me

You don’t care

All you see is what you perceive of me

That’s not really me

So I’m too sensitive you say

Well at least I’m not fake like you

You don’t know me

I don’t care if you do

Stand in my shadow for a day

Your perceptions may change for once

You don’t know me

And I don’t owe you



The hopes and the dreams and desires that most of us have in life are just that: they change in life. Everything happens in such a fast pace in this world that sometimes we tend to hang on to the let downs. The trying times in life. The world is spinning round and round and you feel like you don’t even have enough time to breathe or even sort out the past. You know those infamous old chapters you keep telling yourself your closing. I wonder sometimes why it is so hard for us all to close those chapters, in reality leaving them open keeps us from our present moment and our dreams and joyous moments in life. Almost as if we are running forward and running backwards, kind of like playing yo-yo with your life. I am not sure how many of you feel but I know that I myself yo-yo in life. LIFE is such a bland word really. You can take it and throw any word with it and it still sounds bland. However do we think to feel it? LIFE…. Feel life and go with it. I just know that with all the chaos going on in the world we cannot forget to feel LIFE. We have to feel it and not just say it. Live it and not just say it. Think about the people that mean so much to you. Would you wish to hear them so blandly say: LIFE….or would you do everything you could to help them feel LIFE.

 No matter what……..don’t stop feeling.