Me: Nothing

I love being different; I hate being me

The seeds are unbearable for even unearthly ones to see

I tremble beneath my skin as I blink

From within I tear myself to shreds

Nothing is what I am

Nothingness will never end

Feeding these thoughts through my mind

Resorting to self abuse with words

Repeating past phrases into the darkness

I feed it one by one with stones

Throw myself through the window of broken glass

Only to find there’s nothing left of me

Not even air



As I have been writing and posting on this site I have been deeply inspired and at awe at just how many of you wonderful writers are out there and that there are still many good people left in this world of chaos. There are so many of us that have so much in common and the best of all is the compassion we have for the world through all the things we have endured in life. We become vulnerable in opening up to complete strangers in the quest to be a voice and then we even receive support. I just wanted to thank you all for being a wonderful support on here. It means so much to me and even some of the wonderful comments I have received. Please continue to write as I will continue. Spread the positive energy. You never know who any of you are helping in this world of chaos. Spread love, light, and peace, and please never give up no matter what!!  🙂 

Dreaming Spirit


Drifting to a world with no time

Only to find myself surrounded by uncertainty

Uncertainty of what is and who is who

Messages of concern and depth

Only a puzzle to figure out