To Be Or Not To Be…..JUST BE regardless

In recent events that happened this week of the 50 lives that were drastically lost and 50 plus more wounded and traumatized I send my love and support to EVERYONE inside and outside the LGBT community.

I am appalled at the people on this planet that think they can devour and take away the lives of anyone they please to make a celebrity of themselves even. Families whom now mourn and have to pick up the pieces and can never ever see their loved ones again. You people who think you or your GOD is the righteous one better look again! 

If I cause controversy with my statement then so be it because I am so disgusted with what society has become. To be so hateful and careless and have no remorse for the harm and devastation some of you cruel and horrible people in this world cause others is something that I hope you all burn in hell for. Don ‘t tell people who don’t go to church that they will burn in hell. Don’t tell people who are different than you that they are wrong and you are right. Don’t judge others and discriminate when the majority of you in this world have your own front doors to clean! 

I support the LGBT community and always will! Many wish for equality and justice. However it takes everyone to stand up! You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to accept it but if some of you tell me that you could care less what happened to the LGBT community this week I sure as hell hope you cold hearted ones are those that rot in your so called hell! I am a Bisexual and I am more comfortable to say it not because I need to relay my sexual orientation or because I need to prove something but because I stand with everyone no matter their orientation, religion, ethnicity, and so on and I am PROUD of who I am and that took damn long enough to happen! 

Thank YOU in the LGBT community for standing your ground! That murderer will NEVER win! None of them will because LOVE WILL ALWAYS WIN! 

So all you hating ignorant people that are out there take a good look in the mirror because in the end you lose FUCKERS. 

LOVE, Sara-Loretta Hardin