In recent events and past events and possible future events I am so sickened by the constant back and forth degrading and bickering of who did what and whose fault it is and all the finger pointing as if all the adults are in Kindergarten saying “I didn’t start it” or “It’s not my fault” or “But they are the ones that did it first”. 

Let me remind you all of a little motto I go by, it’s called LEARN HISTORY BUT DO NOT LIVE IT.

There, if I couldn’t make myself any clearer and regardless of this offending anyone each individual in this world can help stop racism by realizing that pointing fingers does no good. Do I acknowledge racism? Yes I do. and before any of you want to say I am another one of those “white” people whom are uneducated about it let me tell you a few things: First of all I am not white (a sheet of paper is), secondly I have a definite knowing of how racism feels ever since I came to America when I was a little girl and before some of you ignorant fools say anything I AM legal.

I am ashamed of what my child has to grow up in. A world of blatant chaos that is all due to ignorance. It starts with the individual. Not color. If you were brought up to be ignorant you will most likely turn out that way unless you are smart enough to use your god given brain and see the difference of choices that you see before you and make your own path. Instead of cracking ignorant jokes with your peers about people that spread hatred choose your own path. Instead of being too scared to speak up just speak up anyways. I have learned that even if it kills me I will NEVER shut up. NEVER. Because of what my mom and I went through in life I have grown into a person not a woman but a person that will speak my mind. If it offends anyone they don’t have to read or listen to it. I will not walk around eggshells no matter who I am around. I refuse to be thrown into categories. Racism is a very touchy subject but if you ask me it is all sides who are at fault but I will be the first person to say I REFUSE to be held accountable for what some peoples ancestors went through. I refuse to be held accountable for the killings of some that are happening today in society just because some want to point fingers at one specific race. I am human I am not a color. If society would look at it that way maybe just maybe racism would stop. 

Then again it will never end because unfortunately there are still too many blind sided in this world. The ones that see they are the only ones targeted. 

My family and many I know love ALL walks of life but ALL lives should matter. Remember that. 

Peace and Love to ALL races because we are human,

Sara-Loretta Hardin