We seek solace at random intervals

Sometimes it stands right before us 

As a mimic a reflection of your heart

An impact that may be decibels incomprehensible

Only you know because you feel it through you

Systemically uplifting while embracing

Fervently grounded and interlocked

No longer dubious in that sense

Only Solace won’t let you fall


These pieces that lay beneath me

Revolting like scars on the soul

Tiny reflections of broken memories 

Warped through a black hole in time

Nothingness and pain delved into one

Pits of hell would feel like angel kisses

Instead the sheer strike of darkness enters

Reopens every last bit of what once was

Just as almost sealed as hoped to be

Perpetuating immense sadness

Killing the new bloom of a budded Rose

What once was on the road to heal

Diffused within the corridors of protection

Ruined by a coil of haunting projectiles

In dreams never ending striking over and over

What is left of a rose that once was

Is but a hollow piece of glass