Unending parallels of love 

Time as desolate as the air I breathe 

My mind spiraling down the abyss 

Some things as irreparable as broken glass

Life grabs you by the heart

Echoes of a different realm 

Caught between edges of despair

No longer the pedestal 

Just an inauspicious sign 



Body floating downstream to the edge

The cliff is nearing and I fall

Losing consciousness my breath leaves me

Damaged and fragile nothing to keep

I’ve already drowned a long time ago 

Motions of current take me further 

My heart suffocated by deceit

Trying to reach the surface 

Delicate wings help guide me

Yet I’m still under water

Holding my last breath

That’s all that’s left



Trust Gone

Taking all the pieces inside

Shaving every fiber off to a thin surface

A disguise but a sheer design 

Convincing myself all is truth

Yet life is but a lie set in front of me

Placed here in this realm of what

Speaks these kind flowing gentle kisses

Betraying senses of the ears so true

Everything you think what was

Standing before the wall is darkness

A shadow of reflection of deceit

Poisoning the air like vapors

Consuming like death to a corpse

Trust gone heart dissipates