A feeling of hopelessness, hurt, anger

Emotions come and go

No matter the good whats done has been done

Resentment a feeling that stays

Don’t ask what’s obvious

It only stems to darker realms

The tangled webs inside 

Resentment has no boundaries

It is broken 


The intricate details of life

Lay like pollen among the blooms

One by one taking anew the earth

Our souls coming to life

A blanket of showers to freshen the dull

Sprinkle upon the stem and leaves

As the world revises it’s delicacies

Proportionate to the beings that exist

In ones mind is the seed

Intervening like a web

Bringing forth the presence of bewilderment

All the seed needs to spring back to life



Bouts of darkness that enter the mind

As if the world has taken over

Struggles and internal fears feed on your existence

You see the light

Somewhere although surrounded by decay

There’s a crack that light penetrates

Don’t let the thoughts consume you

Then you’ll decay just as your mind relinquishes

Hold on to the good in life

After all aren’t we here to learn unceasingly

To grow

To love

Though hurt


Yet live and carry on 



Masked by my own light

Whose reflection I cannot see

Dimmed by uncertainty the waves come

Memories sweeping down the tunnel

Present day of stumbles yet churning 

Radiating symmetry of life like a window 

A canvas to start anew

Consuming my heart yet it’s comforting

Oneness with my soul to see

Once masked and alluded

Things can seem so great yet fail 

Into the unknown I plummet 




Trials of life swallowed in droplets

Formed like foam around the insides

Lining the vast unknown fears

Layering everything underneath undeniable

Weakness in forms of strength 

Unbeknownst to the surroundings

Internally bleak as darkness creeps in

Completely engulfing the natural elements laid before

Wanting nothing more than to disappear