This sheath holds a blade

Smooth on its surface

Sharp along the edge as its trailed

Bleeding veins of chanting words

In a distant phase of impending wounds

Life knows not what tears bare

Beneath the skin of feelings so true

One wonders what does the sheath hold after all

Thousands of tears of souls 

Living through the sheath of embodiment

Only to wake the dead



What is there to be done

My sense of self submerged in flames

I look for answers blindly searching my way around

Contentment in life has escaped yet I remain positive

Hopeful to heal within hopeful to learn

These wings of mine so frail

The vast land of emotions stand before me

I’m at a crossroads

Branching from my every vein through my heart

Unable to resist what has been lost

No longer in denial this discontentment of mine

One day I will flourish without bounds

To concede what is within



We are like chameleons

Ever so changing, growing

Figuring out midway

Things we see, we fault

Change as bloom to soil

As complex as shifting consequences

Colors feeding into night

Roads before us all

Always a block in either path

Accepting change can be difficult

Maybe it was written in the stars

All we can do is live


Inside my spirit

The truth wanders from reality

Systemic emotions covered by seething truths

Convincing myself a world in shadows

Casting internal flames of confusion

Impales life as a spear projecting forward

Deep the bound hurt among the bliss

Stars reflecting a light to bare

My naked skin peeling layer by layer

Emotions convulsing and shedding

Flight to destination mend

Brokenness knows no more

Forthcoming as a sea of darkness

My light has perceived weakness and strength

Understanding no difference

Intentionally capturing this breath of me

Consuming me as a petal of love

It will be the strength in the end 

Nothing forgotten

Just loathed