Complexities in the form of embers

Each a different shape and sharpness to them

Yet delicate like a sheet of ice on a frozen lake

She wants to glide freely to find her heart again

Swirling across the ice in the skates 

Yet she is just a muse but one not taken lightly

As the embers fall the ice melts

She just falls through the thin sheet of ice

Her fears depleted in the frozen lake

No more embers to keep her warm

Her heart frozen once warm

She dies with an embers kiss as she falls to the obsolete

Just to live again 

My Innocence

This poem is for all of us sexual abuse survivors. Thank you for reading…

Your filthy hands in the kitchen

Smirks on your face as you felt on me

Though you weren’t my real father

You said I’d always be your little girl

In the living room you trailed yourself

Upon the downstairs of my body

Your erection needed feeding

So you decided to take my innocence 

Through touches from your filthy hands

No amount of bleach or holy water could have cleansed you

In my room to nightly dreams I woke

You crawled your way to be discrete

But your hands would always stay filthy just as you 

Cold I was staring at the wall in nakedness 

I couldn’t tell if your eyes or hands were more filthy

Years as you took my innocence 

But you will never have me


If I could peer in parallel streams

In twilight depths of cool waters end

A plight of glowing orbs float along

Life’s journey contained in a music box

Dancing shadows to protect anew

Glistening harmonies of laughter and bliss

If I could reach the ends of the earth I would

To take back my missing orb


Chasing every star in the sky

Like moonlit pearl drops on my skin

Chasing answers in this perilous dream

Messages only I can unravel 

Soul of tears yet taking flight

Among the space of galaxies and endless joy

My breath fueling desire longing

As I float into the abyss of uncertainty

Chasing what is true to my heart

Even if that means my arms can’t reach

Still I ponder in the night sky

Chasing stars of love