Easing barefooted along the cliffside

To feel the breeze along my body

I gaze out to the sea and think

Letting my thoughts flow with the waves

More than anything to know what’s in the open 

Content just to sit on this cliff 

Still that fear of plummeting

Yet I’m comforted by the unknowing

The wind that could carry me or keep me steady

I do nothing but close my eyes

As I step outside myself to regain sail again


Existential planes otherworldly realms

My soul wants more of the unknown

Unanswered reasonings of life purposes

My own endearing subconscious to cleanse

Hauntings of the past not yet in remission

Truth I seek but not yet gain not even here

Within my weaknesses lies strength to hang on

If nothing else to just flow in life and search

Yearning for celestial escape for my mind

While yet still landing in reality

I keep one arm stretched out to the sky 


Grasping through the waterfall

The sudden urge to jump through overcomes

Water pelting down as the sheer coldness succumbs

Can this fantasy be that exists within

Body trembling yet embracing the crossover

Escaping the depths of pain all too real

An orb of light passes by that feels warm

Closing my eyes I let it embrace me

I don’t want to leave this fantasy of mine

For it shows me another way another realm 

Placing my arms to my side I just float

Letting the orbs warmth soothe the coldness

I go to another place of being

An existence of my own