The tower of trust lays before me

Broken barriers of deceit

Once formed so delicately like a ladder uphill

A trickle of betrayal is all it takes

Then one by one the rest breaks

One wonders why certain emotions are forefront

Yet fail to understand the pain

It’s better to let one think you trust them

Never sharing you do or don’t 

Call it paranoia 

I call it my own sanctuary 



Colorful patterns intertwined beyond curves

Just like life with it’s obstacles and imperfections

Yet beautiful like reflections of the sun

We dream for a world that aims to be

Just that but we have to start within

Mosaics are one of a kind delicately pieced

As are we as humans on earth

Pieced together with stories and dreams

Sometimes alone or standing out

Yet most still fail to see unity in this mosaic of life

Wouldn’t it be great to not be so walled up

To live and love to grow and learn

Yet just like a mosaics beauty and story

We are all still broken pieces 

Just needing to be placed