Meadows of breezes

Filling the air with a crisp touch

As I lay in the grass

Closing my eyes to escape this world

A sense of myself floating

The music in my ears soothing

The energy surrounding

Celestial within

Aura of ethereal reach me

Another place away

Away from this place we call Earth

A universal place

The place of love

Residing through every part of my being

Resonating with the ground beneath me

No other feeling I want

To just be





It’s like an overwhelming feeling of loss

Loss of control in your life

Fear of the most simple things you should conquer

Dread of the next thing to come

Consuming you

Constant fight or flight mode

Pushing yourself to function to just live

To all whom experience this:

You will be ok.



Thriving, sailing like the softness of a sheet

Pacing lost-like in either direction

Craving the bitter taste of life like decadent dessert

Not letting it pass by without observing

The most delicacies surrounding the turmoil

Tasting the goodness in the bitterness

Like a cloud of bliss

Thriving among the darkness