We blanket ourselves

Many layers of mysteries

Only revealing what we choose to reveal

Protecting our beings 

Judged nonetheless by those who don’t understand

Do we owe it to them or ourselves

To explain our past our stories

Just to be that book with pages

To be explored without judgement

Covers to be delicately opened

Our choice our time

Careful to not tear the page

Nor to judge a book by its cover

Read thoroughly

As you would ask the same

Wholly with heart


My eyes they see

The condescending reality 

Perpetuating the darkest of night

My eyes they feel

Through them various energy

Spectrums of self destruction 

Prevalent not hidden

Despite the motion and pull

One seeks outside

The universe has visions

Not so endearing

Do we see around us

Visions despaired

Can we see more 

To mend this place 

Called earth

Be Brave

Difference of the heart

Facing the world as your own

Importance of values and life

Reminiscent of dreams we once had

Those may still continue

In other ways we are shown

Within ourselves

No matter the cruelness of some

The change and impact we have

Depends on us on how in tune we are

With the world

With ourselves

No matter the lack thereof from others

In the end there are still some of us

Don’t let what others think rule you

Your heart will show in what you do

So be brave