Cautiously adverting the triumphs of life

Walking like a fragile shell

Revolting the corruption around our being

Standing ever so tall with emotion

One could use a breath of life

A sanctity as gravity pulls us closer to the edge

Dissident to the doom that lurks

Within ourselves we can build

An everlasting shell of resilience

A sanctity of love

Is There

Is there a place

Within existence

To shed the suffering evil places upon us

A remote world in a distance of love

Of nothing more than differences but love

Not perfection

Is there

Can this world be forgotten to start anew

Like the wrinkling of skin as we age

Like a freckle a speck of emotion

Is there

Or am I stuck in my own fantasy land

As I was told as a child

Wake up

It’s not like the movies

This is the real world

Is there a world less like this real world

A world of peace, love, protection for the vulnerable

Or are we forever cursed 

To be part of a world so evil

The good can’t seem to drown out the bad anymore

Is there ever going to be a place 

Where humans can exist

Is there a home for all of us

Planet Love