Awhile back as I mentioned I deleted all my writings except for my poetry because I said I would leave my thoughts for my therapy sessions, however I feel emptiness and hurt and sadness for society, our world, especially the country that has been irrevocably cursed with mass shootings upon mass shootings. Therefor I write, I write for not only myself, for those lost, but for all of you whom may be fumbling with words and inner thoughts to convey and say what you are trying to say: ENOUGH…

When is it going to stop? The hate, the division, the constant finger pointing, the dehumanizing just because some people have different views, the constant belittling, the bullying, the systemic tear downs between the rich and the poor, the religious and spiritual battles, the mental health care crisis that should not always be used as an excuse for evil……. WHEN WILL IT STOP?

You want gun control you want mental healthcare you want you want you want but still many of you do NOTHING AT ALL to help make this world a better place. You want to blame others and constantly find ways to blame it all on mental healthcare crisis or gun control when it is MORE than that! It is how WE as humans are to one another! It is how we mold our children and LOVE unconditionally, help nurture, no matter the trauma any of us endured in life! Many of us do not go on a killing spree and many of us have mental health issues. So STOP right there with the constant victimizing of those evil people committing these atrocities because there simply is NO EXCUSE. I am tired of having empathy for those people who kill the innocent just because of what they endured. This has gone too far! I am tired of people blaming it on gun control because I will tell you right now that no matter what some evil person will get their hands on one regardless of how tight gun control could be! WAKE UP!

IT IS CALLED SELF-ACCOUNTABILITY…………until then these things will continue to happen and my heart honestly can’t take anymore of the news, of the negativity, of the demise of our world and this country the land of the free called America. I will continue to keep my faith in humans but I have lost faith in this place called the land of the free and this constitution. 

Lastly I want to thank all of the people in the world that do have whole loving hearts that make the sacrifices you do to try to keep what is left of this world together. 

It starts at home, it starts behind the school doors, it starts in every neighborhood, every state, every country, every continent, but most of all within ourselves, our hearts, to want to change, and be better humans, and acknowledge our differences, without hate, hold conversations with open minds, and understand that we need to have conversations but for god sakes we should not have to have these type of conversations over and over again, no others should have to die, so speak up and do something, don’t just be a bystander. 

I have nothing else to say……….

Peace, Love, and Bliss to you all,

Sara-Loretta Hardin