To think upon the night

The fence along the field

Thoughts blocked by a gate

Vanquishing all that enter

Like a barrier of power

To lose control is not a curse

Internal reflections uphold

With heaving hearts conjure

Another world to open

Taking flight in the darkness

Mending the torn threads

Relying on nothing but one self

To flee from the tampered fence

Mind tricks unbeknownst

Leverage no longer there

One must find the way

Escaping the wrath within

Nearly falling from the cliff

A brink towards insanity

But what is life without 

A fence that cannot be broken


You are not just your melanin

You are somebody

Beauty in the vast seas

Overcoming obstacles

Courage and strength 

Not just melanin

You are more than that

Hearts beat the same

Blood as bold

Never be ashamed

To own your melanin

Embrace that part of you

Show the world you are more

More than the melanin you wear

Honor your people

With love and fierceness

You are needed too

You have a purpose

Kiss your children goodnight

Tell them they are

More than their melanin