To walk into a room empty with space and time still 

No laughter no movement just numbness 

A mist upon the air I walk through

Reaching for a hand that is not mine nor there

I breathe deeply and fall slowly through the floor

The sound resonates with me as it all disappears

Trapped in a time capsule in my mind I stare 

Sheets of bright light float around my body as echos whisper

Hold on I tell myself as I’m in a trance listening

The mist lifts me closer to the light away from what




Sweet Nectar

The essence of love and hate

Nectar so sweet yet so dividing

Poison consuming yet revitalizing 

Do you see or taste it

Nectar invisible by the blind buds

It may be sweet but the sour is there

Burning sensation on every tissue

Sweet Nectar may linger 

It may forever consume you

No Words

No words describe my bleeding heart

Each time the sound of the world stabs me

I feel so broken inside my mind cries

My heart cries for peace and love for all

Sometimes my soul can’t take the burden 

They always said I wore the world on my shoulders

I still do

No words can mend my bleeding heart

My bleeding heart bleeds for all

No words


Let Go Just So

The days go by I age with wonder

Hurt inside I tend to ponder

Revolting emotions when images return

Make peace within I’d rather you burn

Touched me the vulnerable girl

Who spat at you and laughed at the world

Not a day goes by that I wish you were dead

Hoping you’d just get out of my head

You’ll never take the little girl out of me

No matter how old I get can’t you see

Think you can break me sneaking in my mind

You won’t win not this time

As days go by I age with wonder

I refuse to go down under

I Will Not Succumb

As I mince the words of love and peace

 My words won’t change how cruel humanity has become

I will not succumb

My soul will continue to fly with love

Love Letter to World


Waters flowing

Intensity ongoing

Beaded with misery


Hope rising

Inflicting pain


Don’t fail me

Deep Seas Within The Mind And Heart

Dear World you affect me as my mirror does

Feelings attacking me as I try and make sense of everything

Sinking down in broken glass

Not even the blood can wake me from the nightmare of me

Questioning the reason for existence

What part do I play

Each day I am consumed with polluted air

Choking me as I inch closer to the door

I desire to be that blown out candle 

Shaken like the earth when it began

Falling deeper and deeper until I can fall no more

Each day is a struggle as a boat in the open sea

As the storm comes and currents get rough

I don’t know how much longer I can go along the currents

Sometimes when I blink I remind myself I am not dead yet

Then I get even more sullen

Though grateful for which I have in life

Life does not know 

Deep seas within my mind and heart

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