Dear Father that left Me



Dear Filippo Franchina (my biological father) born on October 12, 1957 currently living in or around Sicily, Italy and possibly S. Teresa Di Riva Italy this letter I write to you to help me heal. 

First of all YOU are my Biological father. Own it. Secondly you have absolutely no idea how the hopes of me reconnecting with you and the years between have torn through my heart. The only thing I ever wanted to know was WHY. Why did you leave my mom and me? To go and tend to your ill mother or live your second life? For all I know you already had a family before meeting my mom! You lied to her and to yourself but this is about YOU leaving your daughter who is ME! If you had a family already you should have been honest! After we got reconnected in 2012 through the help of someone who I consider my adopted sister (she knows who she is and I love her and her family) in Italy you had the opportunity to stay in contact. You sent me a photo and did respond to a few letters I have saved. Then I received a threatening letter supposedly by a woman who claims to be your real daughter. I am the type with open arms to love all people and I would have been happy to have a half sister if that is the case. However that letter has always haunted me from her. She was rude and cruel. I will never know the truth. Father you OWE me that truth. Somehow I have to realize that I may never know. Perhaps you owe whoever you’re with an explanation instead of acting like I don’t exist. You had the opportunity to grow some man testicles and own up. If you really wanted to stay in contact with me you could have! Grown ups make choices either you own up to your flaws or you run. I will never forget that you ran. I will never forget that you ran again. If I ever got to meet you in person or hear from you again the only thing I want to know is the truth not some shitty excuse. Have the decency to do that because as far as I am concerned you are not even worth the word Father. 

Love Always the Daughter you may never get to Know,

Sara-Loretta Hardin




Dear Future Leaders Of The World

Dear Future Leaders of the World,

We the People of the World the people that do truly care need YOU the Future Leaders of the World to understand that we NEED someone to lead every Nation that is Compassionate, Loyal, Honest, and well rounded in mindset. Whether man or woman the leader should be educated and understanding of ALL cultures and RESPECTFUL enough to WANT to be there for the people and stand up for EVERYONE regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, or disability. WE need someone who says what they mean, does not care about media trophies, isn’t money hungry, doesn’t try to fool people just because they think they are a great con artist, and who deems that security means security for ALL not just specific groups. We need Leaders who don’t judge a book by its cover! 

Most importantly children of the World need people they can actually look up to. My question is: Where are you? 

Update In Life

Hello to all my wonderful fellow WordPress friends,

It has been quite some time since I have posted anything. Actually it has been months. I have not blogged or written any poems. Life has just sort of withered away before my eyes as I had no mental energy to just deal with it all. Before the new year I deleted my Facebook account (that which I never posted on here). I felt no need to have it anymore. It became sort of a nuisance instead of anything positive. I never shared on here but I do write for a non-profit online magazine spreading awareness on many things such as equality and compassion on worldly issues. I have had no ambition to write for that lately either until recently and I did write something that will come out in this months digital magazine issue. I am very fortunate to be able to contribute my writing. The Founder is an amazing person and the rest of the team has some great writings as well. I’ll share the Link at the closing of this update. 

My job search in Life has crumbled as I have given up hope. I know I should not give up and I am not even going to rant in this update because I am going to write a separate Blog about the topic. Trust me…………..I have had my last nerve pinched although I hold my head up and just keep moving forward. So I have taken matters into my own hands. I am a crafty person and just went for it: I have my own Etsy shop now. I will post the link on here too. No I do not expect any of you to purchase, I am just sharing the link so you can see my other side, my craft side besides my writing side. I painted as well in the past and donated all my canvas to the sick children at one of our local Hospitals the other year. I posted my art on deviant. I never thought I was good enough but who needs to be “good” to be Artistic? We are ALL unique and talented in our own ways. Who cares what anyone else thinks anymore? I seriously had to embed that into my brain for many many years. Still working on that……

On a family note we are all doing well. Sometimes I would rather be on a traveling motor home (RV) with my family and go away to a secluded place in the desert besides traveling the country. I do not think anyone could make a big enough vomit bag for how sick this place makes me. yes…yes…I know “it could be worse”. I do not need anyone to tell me that because I am always the first person that throws out to people that there are people worse off which I am fully aware and that I am grateful. However we ALL deal with things differently in life. Many resort to addiction, promiscuity, violence………………..(I am not judging but that is not my route in life)…………and I resort to…well…..mental and emotional turmoil at times. We are all human after all. The problem is I have the tendency to wear the world on my shoulders and when I have issues on my own sometimes it can be a bit much. With that said what I have been doing these several months of not writing is this: Worrying about the world. Worrying about my family. Worrying about myself and my sanity. I’m still breathing so that’s a relief. 

I hope each and everyone of you have been doing alright. Please know that many of you were in my thoughts especially those of you whom I used to comment back and forth with. It is not that I have forgotten about any of you. Just needed a little “figuring out of things” so to speak. Take care and I will be writing more soon. That is on my goal list. Love and Peace to all!

Here are the Links I mentioned:


As I have been writing and posting on this site I have been deeply inspired and at awe at just how many of you wonderful writers are out there and that there are still many good people left in this world of chaos. There are so many of us that have so much in common and the best of all is the compassion we have for the world through all the things we have endured in life. We become vulnerable in opening up to complete strangers in the quest to be a voice and then we even receive support. I just wanted to thank you all for being a wonderful support on here. It means so much to me and even some of the wonderful comments I have received. Please continue to write as I will continue. Spread the positive energy. You never know who any of you are helping in this world of chaos. Spread love, light, and peace, and please never give up no matter what!!  🙂 

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