Frail feathers among the fallen

Reaching for a reason of purpose

Sensing the aura of the world

Chaos inflicted upon the innocence

Softness of each falling one by one

Protection yearned by the vulnerable

Making sense of sudden doom

A bright light shines through darkness

With each stare each ones frailty

Turning around tight roped at each end

Perpetuating weakness yet strength

A tear of a fallen angels magic

The tear that saves humanity


Sentimentality for the sentiments

Of time of love of demise within us

Precocious levels of fortitude or not

What lies beneath the gifts of dust

To hold on to, to pass down, 

A memory of connected energy

You choose to keep it or get rid of

One of those gifts is not always a sentimental jest 

What is sentimental to one may not be for another

Something to hold whether value or not

Be it meaningful with history or heart

When you leave this earth 

There is only one ongoing sentimental gift



We seek solace at random intervals

Sometimes it stands right before us 

As a mimic a reflection of your heart

An impact that may be decibels incomprehensible

Only you know because you feel it through you

Systemically uplifting while embracing

Fervently grounded and interlocked

No longer dubious in that sense

Only Solace won’t let you fall


Logically we question Why

The answer is nowhere to be found

Life we live must be lived, cherished, learned, continued

Tearing ourselves apart

Searching for Why

Can’t we see there is no Why

There is Do 

There is Help

There is Change

Then memories follow

The “Why” is just a portal



The nerving wreckage between my hands, the bleeding shards of memories 

I don’t want to breathe and feel the scars crushing my soul

Sinking and swimming I continue though I fail a thousand times

Love keeps me going to salvage my own identity

It keeps me alive inside otherwise my own corpse would be my shadow

Walking each step forward and several back then forward again

My feathers frayed and I still try to fly… I do

Love Letter to World


Waters flowing

Intensity ongoing

Beaded with misery


Hope rising

Inflicting pain


Don’t fail me